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Have Plumbing & Heating Needs? Call (714) 713-2956
Have Plumbing & Heating Needs? Call (714) 713-2956


I called this place at 7pm, two days before Xmas, expecting to leave a voicemail. Not only did they answer, but I described the issue I was having, they asked a few questions, and then told me a couple simple things to try myself. I did, and it fixed the problem I’d had for several months. I told my sister, who’d been having the same issue, and it fixed her toilet as well! I will definitely call this biz if I ever have any plumbing or heating issues I can’t handle myself. I don’t generally leave reviews, but since I didn’t actually hire this business yet they helped me immensely, I felt it was the least I could do! Thanks!

Teressa Naylor

Wow. Garrett is AWESOME. We first met him when he came out to help us with a drain pipe that kept backing up. He re-engineered it so it’d be less likely to clog and put in a cleanout. We had him come back to provide a roof vent for the drain, too — solving a problem introduced by our original plumber. When we heard that he also did NG work, we were thrilled. He just finished plumbing our new NG grill and an outdoor fire bowl. He’s professional, communicative, timely, and affable. You won’t find a better person to work on your plumbing or heating!

Scott Dawson

I would highly recommend Garrett at Blue Jay Plumbing and Heating to anyone. My husband and I have a fuel oil boiler which we have had issues with for a couple of years now. We have had a very difficult time finding someone who knew enough about them to correct the problems. He did a very thorough job servicing/repairing multiple issues. He spent over 6 hours (not including travel time) on our boiler. It was a total mess. He was very flexible with our work schedules as well which helped a lot. We called him late on a Thursday and he was able to come help us out the very next day. Thanks again, Garrett!

Emily Marsh

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness is the claim on Garrett’s useful website: all very true, plus thoughtfulness, clarity and very fair pricing! Our well pump shorted out as we were shocking it with chlorine for bacteria, and we were without water. We called Garrett and he came the next morning, clearly explained all the options and estimated costs, and pulled the 100′ deep pump. That afternoon he was back with the new pump and had it up and running. This was all an unexpected part of a project being done by another company to replace a failed filtration system, which later led to Garrett replacing kitchen and bathroom faucets. He has been a delight to work with, and we have absolute confidence in his skill and integrity.

John Suter

Garrett Jay of Blue Jay Plumbing and Heating is very good at what he does, great with people. I have decided to call him Professor Jay as he is so knowledgeable about all his trades. He is a plumber, for domestic water and waste water systems, and hydronic heat and he also install Air Source Heat Pumps and he does HVAC I am reticent to send out his name because I want to keep him all to myself! Really great guy and tradesman.

Susan Cosentini

Garrett responded quickly to our request for assistance and did a very professional and neat job of reconfiguring some old “farmhouse” plumbing under a sink. We appreciate his knowledge and work ethic of not doing a job unless it is done correctly and as perfectly as possible. On top of that we enjoyed his company. It’s nice to have a local lad squirm into places our bodies now rebel at. Highly recommend his services.

John Gregoire

Garrett is a skilled plumber and a really nice guy. He built all the piping for my municipal water hook up and helped with both kitchen and bathroom plumbing. He was flexible with my work schedule and was there when he said he’d be. He is approachable and trustworthy. He treated with respect and even taught me a few things. I highly recommend him.

Casey Benson

Called Garrett he came over that day. Our hot water heater had not worked in over 2 weeks. We Are a gym and need the hot water for the showers. Another company tried to fix it and it still was not working. Garrett came and had it working that day. He was very nice and professional. We will definitely call him back. Thank you!

Lynn Furman

Garrett was referred to me by a friend when our furnace stopped working yesterday afternoon. He was amazing! He returned my call promptly AND went that evening to fix my furnace- on a Saturday night! Not only did he fix several problems with the furnace, he also gave us a detailed account of each issue, including ones we’ll need to take care of before next winter. He also offered me a new customer discount. Thanks so much Garrett!

Deborah K

We had our first experience with Garrett and Blue Jay Plumbing last week to have him unclog a very very clogged pipe from the kitchen sink to the stack. Just imagine the clog a 40 foot run of nearly level, undersized pvc with two 90 degree angles had developed over the years (we just recently bought the house). Garrett got it cleaned out, charged a very fair price, and suggested a way to correct the mistakes the homebuilder had made with the drain. Is it wrong to look forward to another visit from your plumber? 😁 Thanks Garrett!

John Nyquist

We were very happy with Garrett’s work and professionalism on our hot water heater installation. He knows his craft, communicates well, does what he says he’ll do, and was reasonably priced.

Jerry Kraus

Garrett came to help us with a malfunctioning furnace. We were impressed with his careful and thorough approach as he tested various parts of the system to diagnose the problem. We will definitely be calling him again in the future.

Katie O’Connor Ballantyne

Garrett was very professional and so kind. We had a hot water emergency and he was very quick to come out and even gave us tips on maintenance. I highly recommend blue Jay plumbing! Price was very reasonable as well!

Madelynn Butler

Great plumber, incredibly professional and willing to come over at any time to help fix a problem or troubleshoot an issue. Big or small, he does anything from fix leaks to install subsurface drainage and run water lines. Really knows his stuff around tankless hot water heaters as well. Garrett is a great guy and a great plumber!

Aaron Munzer

We’ve had Garrett visit our home three times now for multiple jobs and each time I am so grateful to have someone as conscientious as he is. Garrett responds quickly to my calls or texts, and does great work at a fair price. I won’t hesitate to have him do more work when needed.

Harold Cheyne

Garrett was quick to respond to a burst pipe and fixed us right up. He is professional and does great work. His pricing is very reasonable. Very happy with his service.

Amanda Bulmahn

Garrett has been the best find ever made. Not only is his work excellent, he is easy to communicate with, explains what he is doing and why, and shows up when he says he will. Highly recommend him for all your plumbing and heating needs. He’s also great with kittens!

Darrelle Dore

Garrett is amazing. He was quick to respond to our broken water line. He is so knowledgeable, personable, and does a great job. We are so thankful he is in our area. Many thanks!!

Cindy Turo

Garrett is extremely helpful, responsive, and skilled. We first called him about a leak near our hot water heater. He was willing to advise us before scheduling a time with him so that we could see if we could fix it ourselves. We could not, in fact we were totally wrong about what the problem was. It was easy to schedule an appointment with him and he even showed up early! He walked in and immediately knew what was wrong and how to fix it. He ordered the parts and fixed it the next day. Issue totally resolved! Two weeks later we were filling the kids bath and orange sludge started filling the tub and the toilet started bubbling. Needless to say we were very concerned and called him. It was after 8pm on a weeknight so unfortunately we were interrupting his dinner. He still told us he’d be right over. He showed up and saved the day! He even stopped by the next day to follow up. Great service, we feel so happy to have found him! Definitely recommend.

Gina Luciano

I would recommend Jay from Blue Jay Plumbing and Heating if you find yourself needing a plumber. When we called with a problem, he helped consult us when we wanted to try to fix it ourselves first. It turned out that our idea of the problem wasn’t actually what was causing the leak, so we made an appointment with him which was easy to do. He showed up early and immediately knew the cause of the leak and what needed to be done. He had to purchase the parts and promptly scheduled another appointment for the following afternoon. He worked efficiently and fixed the problem and we no longer have a giant mystery puddle near our hot water heater. I should also mention that our appointment happened during the covid-19 concerns, when everyone needed to be social distancing and he arrived with a mask and was very respectful of distancing practices.

Tommy Olson

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