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Have Plumbing & Heating Needs? Call (714) 713-2956
Have Plumbing & Heating Needs? Call (714) 713-2956


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We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With Blue Jay Plumbing and Heating, clients know exactly what to expect – professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results. From home to business, we are ready to help.


Air Conditioning Installations

You’ve decided to install a new AC system in your home! We can help whether you’re going for the 4-ton unit off your furnace or are installing a 3-ton mini split with multiple heads to help assist your boiler unit in the winter months. Not sure what you need? Let’s talk! We can help you determine the most efficient system for your family’s needs.

We work with the best distributors and parts professionals to ensure that the specific build of your air conditioning system is the best it can be. With Blue Jay Plumbing and Heating, we have the expertise needed to keep you cool in summer and help supplement your heating in the winter.

Air Conditioning Service & Repairs

Is your air conditioning unit not working, leaking, freezing, or grinding? The AC system is a fairly complicated one and making sure the unit is secure, sound, and free of leaks is critically important.

Whether your air conditioning system is low on freon, having a compressor failure, a failed TXV, or any other number of issues, we will do everything in our power to make sure you’re nice and cool in the summer months.

Appliance Repairs

For Blue Jay Plumbing and Heating, we recognize the importance for appliance repairs and that there aren’t many repair shops out there. For our customers, we offer multiple appliance repairs including but not limited to stoves, refrigerators, dish washers, and dryers.

Some repairs are model-specific and will depend on the age of the appliance and the availability of parts.

Bath and Kitchen Remodels

Your existing house deserves some love, an update and aesthetics to last the coming decades may be in your future. Not only do we provide the plumbing for the project but are partnered with specific professionals that will be able to handle electrical, carpentry and additional trades!

No Jack of all trades here…we specialize in our trade and have made sure to pick the cream of the crop when it comes to other specific trades to bring into what is to be such a wonderful and lasting experience.

Diving Services

Blue Jay Plumbing and Heating offers nearly year round, our diving service. Your lake pump takes a dive let us dive in and do what’s needed to furnish your family with potable water again. We specialize in water line repairs, pump and zebra muscle filter service, install, and replacement.

We work with individuals in the Finger Lakes area who hold tried and true patents on zebra muscle equipment and local pump manufacturers to give the best quality to anyone who loves living on the lake as much as they do.

Gas/Fuel Pipe Repairs & Installations

At Blue Jay, we constantly are reworking gas and fuel lines to assure existing appliances are safe and without leak but also that any new appliances are plumbed in professionally to the size that fits demands present and future and to assure a happy and healthy home and units that are supplied the fuel in question.

We work with gas supply specialists to assure interruptions are kept to a minimal and that new install specs have been communicated to the supplier to assure they meet local municipal code and regulations.

Heating Stoves & Space Heaters

Traditional wood stoves and gas fired space heaters are something that Blue Jay takes special pride in. Many units are acceptable but Blue Jay assures not only quality craftsmanship but amazing product. Stay away from used and second hand stoves with tons of issues.

The new installation of a space heater for your family depends on quality product craftsmanship and overall safety of the unit and the venting attached to it. Let Blue Jay find you the stove and style of your dreams.

Heating System Inspection & Service

Heating is the bread and butter of any plumbing company in the north east. At Blue Jay Plumbing and Heating, we specialize in not only boilers, furnaces, and steam heat but with all fuel types!

LP, Natural Gas, and Fuel Oil…each inspection must meet specific criteria and if service is needed it is something that will be communicated at length to help the customer understand and be comfortable with during and after the service.

Heating Systems (New & Replacement Installations)

Whether the unit is put into a new structure or being retrofitted into an existing, Blue Jay Plumbing an Heating can assure that the unit is sized appropriately to your homes size, and style as well as fit the fuel type and demands of your home.

New installations can be swapped or be converted from one fuel type to another. All system types and styles are available, including specific specialization with on-demand units.

Hot Water Heater Repairs & Service

We service and repair hot water heaters of all styles and setups. Whether you’re running a traditional electric or propane heater or are running radiant floor from your natural gas hot water heater Blue Jay is there for you.  We specialize in not only traditional models but multiple brands of on-demand hot water heater or combination units.

New Construction Plumbing & Heating

New construction is a challenge at times but for Blue Jay we specialize in trade relations between GC and other professions to make sure your new home and or addition is done well and done correctly.

From site planning do initial roughing and inspections we have tried and true method to assure your build goes smoothly and easily. We are also adept at ADA type construction for disabled and elderly customers to assure any special needs are met.

Plumbing Services & Repairs

When it comes to your plumbing system choose the professional who attunes to detail, best practice and quality product. Repairs and general servicing to any appliance, valve, fixture, and/or piping.

Supply includes but is not limited to galvanized, copper, pressure plastics, solder piping, propress, pex piping. Additionally drainage consisting of under slab, under grade, and above grade SDR45, SCH40, Copper, Cast Piping (both EX Heavy and SV weight). We specialize in all fixtures.. traditional faucets and valves, touch, touch free, and timer in regards to irrigation etc.

Septic Replacements

When it comes to septic systems for us we look toward referring to the specific professionals for all your pumping and inspection needs but when its time to replace the septic and or the leach field you can depend on us.

We contract with the best excavation specialists and work closely with them to find the right spots, grades, styles and materials to allow your family to have proper waste removal for decades to come. New septic’s for homes, cottages, and commercial properties.

Venting Solutions

Many older houses are without much if any venting, causing blockage and inefficiencies with draining not to mention the inability for solids to break down within restricted piping.

Our professionals will find solutions that are affordable as well as code worthy to giving you the venting your plumbing system is in need of.

Well Pump Servicing & Installations

When it comes to your well there couldn’t be a more crucial piece of equipment. At Blue Jay we can assure that your pump and all important components are functioning correctly and if adjustments or replacement is needed that it be addressed before further damage to your system occurs. We specialize in submersible and jet pumps, pressure equipment and holding tanks for low recovering wells.


We recognize that in the northeast many customers enjoy part time residence here during the year. In the winter months we specialize in not only full winterizations but have multiple ways of doing it depending on the home and its construction.

For homes without the ability to be winterized we can offer a full assessment and retrofitting of drains and piping that allows for the easiest and best form of cold weather protection. From cottages, full homes, and outside bath houses we have what it takes to give your home the ability to survive winter.

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Blue Jay offers quality work on your home or business at a very competative rate. Our customers satisfaction is our number one concern! We promise to provide the best service for your money.

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